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Trinity CE VC Primary School

“Shine as lights in the world;” Philippians 2:15

Courage ● Friendship ● Respect

Our Vision and Values


Our core Christian values of Courage, Friendship and Respect, underpinned by Love and Kindness, shape all we do as a school.

Courage is shown in our daily decisions. As staff, we encourage children to face challenges in their learning and friendships with courage. We give them the tools to make courageous decisions and point to Biblical examples of others who have done the same.

Friendship can be seen everywhere within our school community. We pride ourselves on being welcoming, caring and supportive of those we meet, whoever they are and whatever they need.

Respect is the foundation of our interactions with each other and our wider school community, as well as our building and grounds. We reflect together on what respect means and how we can show it to each other.

Love and kindness underpin all we do, as we seek to ‘speak the truth in love’ to each other.


School Christian Vision

“Shine as Lights in the World”  Philippians 2:15
Just as Jesus is the Light of the World, we enable our children to let their light shine. Our nurturing and inclusive ethos ensures everyone’s uniqueness, personality and potential is valued, respected and celebrated. Our children carry their light forward, making a positive difference today and in the future.

Biblical Roots
Just as Jesus is the Light of the World, we want to shine His light to our community. Just as Jesus brings light into every situation, so we aspire to do the same. The staff of Trinity hold this core text at the forefront of life at Trinity, always striving to show the light of Jesus through our decisions, actions and words.

Our school
We speak of Jesus, because that is our faith and our school’s foundation;

  • We turn to Christ in Collective worship which is at the heart of our life as a school.
  • We teach the school values, which are rooted in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • We teach using stories from the Bible and model the school values in how to live together as a community. By doing so, we bear the light of Christ in our world.
  • We nurture and teach Christian stories and prayer, but with a respect for children of all faiths and none, believing that all the major religious traditions, including secular humanism, share and aspire to the values which we espouse. No one is side-lined, neglected or bullied because of what their family believes.
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