Littleton Drew Lane


Trinity CE VC Primary School

“Shine as lights in the world;” Philippians 2:15

Courage ● Friendship ● Respect

2023-2024 Term Dates and Inset Days

Term Dates INSET Days
Term 1

Friday 1st September to Friday 20th October 2023

NB. Year 1-6 start on Monday 4th September

       New Reception start on Tuesday 5th September

Friday 1st September and Friday 20th October 2023
Term 2 Monday 30th October to Friday 15th December 2023  
Term 3 *Tuesday 2nd January to Friday 9th February 2024  Tuesday 2nd January
Term 4 Monday 19th February to Friday 28th March 2024  
Term 5 Monday 15th April to Friday 24th May 2024
Term 6

Monday 3rd June to Tuesday 23rd July 2024 

NB. last day for children Friday 19th July 2024)

 Monday 22nd July 2024 and *Tuesday 23rd July 2024

2022-2023 Term Dates and Inset Days

Term Dates INSET Days
Term 1 Thursday 1st September to Friday 21st October 2022 Thursday 1st September and Friday 2nd September 2022
Term 2 Monday 31st October to Friday 16th December 2022  Monday 31st October 2022
Term 3 Tuesday 3rd January to Friday 10th February 2023  
Term 4 Monday 20th February to Friday 31st 2023  Monday 20th February 2023
Term 5 Monday 17th April to Friday 26th May 2023
Term 6 Monday 5th June to Friday 21st July 2023 Friday 21st July 2023