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Trinity School recognise that getting communication between teachers, parents and carers, children and other stakeholders right, is key to the smooth running of the school.  We strive to ensure the frequency, timings and format of communications is, not only appropriate for the message being conveyed, but ensures ease of understanding.  We understand that at times a number of different communications may be sent in a reasonably short space of time, and on some occasions, communications distributed via the children, may not reach the parent or carer.  We will however, endeavour to ensure the school website is regularly updated with all written communications.

Therefore the following communication principles will be followed:

  • Anything that requires a signature or Parents/Carers consent will be sent either via emails, consent on ARBOR Parent Pay or hard copy format.
  • Informational communications will be sent via email
  • All copies of school communications will be posted to the this page (see below).

You should expect to receive

  • School Newsletter at the beginning of each Term.
  • Children School Reports and Class Details at the end of the Summer Term

School Dates

  • Everything pertinent to Children will be posted to the School website Calendar
  • At the start of each academic year, the calendar will be refreshed
  • Please note that date changes may occur throughout the year, but we will endeavour to inform you about any changes.

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact the School Office.

Term 1 Communications

Term 1 Communications

Latest Newsletters

Term 2 Communications

Latest Newsletters