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Governor FAQs


The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are commonly asked questions and answers pertaining to the Governors.  If there are any questions not listed please do not hesitate to contact the School, who will raise with the relevant Governor or Committee.

Here is an outline of the roles and responsibilities you will have to undertake, and some information about the meetings.

Every state school has a governing body consisting of specific numbers of various categories of governors. Here at Trinity we have a governing body of 13 members, comprising – The head teacher, one member of staff, two parents, one governor appointed by the local authority, two foundation governors appointed by the Diocese of Gloucester (because we are a church school), and six governors who are co-opted on the basis of their skills and experience.

Why not? It’s rewarding and gives you an opportunity to use your skills and contribute something back to the school community. It is a role that establishes links with the wider community, is strategic, thought provoking, and may benefit your future professional development.

The governing body provides strategic management and acts as a “critical friend,” supporting the work of the head teacher and staff. Governors take responsibility for planning for the future. The governing body is responsible for managing the budget, which is delegated by the local authority (South Gloucestershire Council) to cover salaries, running costs, maintenance and equipment. Governors appoint the head teacher and may be involved in the appointment of other staff. Governors may visit the school to monitor the implementation and success of the school’s development plan and policies.

By law, Full Governing Bodies (FGB) must meet at least three times each year. At Trinity we meet each term, so you will be attending six times. These meetings start at 6.45pm, to give people time to return from work, and finish between 9.00pm and 9.30pm.

Yes, we have two: the Building and Finance Committee and the Staffing and Curriculum Committee. Each governor is attached to one of these two committees according to his/her personal preference or strength. Each committee meets six times in the year.  Also we sometimes form small working groups for specific projects.

Yes. Governors are offered, and are expected to attend, training and support is offered by the local authority, central government, or by other organisations should the need arise.

Attendance at meetings and training, reading, researching will occupy 10 – 15 hours each term.

Two years. You may like to stand for re-election. Foundation governors stand for four years.

  • Finance

  • Human Resource

  • Listening

  • Legal

  • Marketing

  • IT

  • Willingness to learn

  • Education

  • Questioning

  • Team Player

Contact the school office on Tel: 01454 218 462