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“Shine as lights in the world;” Philippians 2:15

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Our Shining Stars (19.04.24)

19 April 2024 (by admin)

This week our Shining Stars are; Wilder, Maddie, Erin and Willoughby.

Wilder was chosen for mastering carefully counting up to six objects on his own and can form numbers to six with confidence.

Maddie was chosen for working hard in Maths. She has shown perseverance to try even when she has found things tricky. Well done, Maddie.

Erin was chosen for doing an amazing job in English. She generated lots of good ideas to describe the setting from our story: Nour’s Secret Library, by thinking of suitable words, using the resources around her and magpie-ing from others. She really wanted to prove herself and managed to succeed creating a whole page of writing.

Willoughby was chosen for several reasons. Firstly, his excellent contributions to our class discussion on freedom and a brilliant ‘Freedom is…’ poem. Also his Big Write on ‘The Viewer’ from Tristan’s perspective. Outstanding!

Well done everyone, these are all fantastic ways to start the new term.