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Our Shining Stars (08.03.24)

8 March 2024 (by admin)

This week our Shining Stars are; Freddy, Izzy, Betty and Isabella.

Freddy was chosen for impressing us with his knowledge of why we wash our hands before cooking. He was able to tell his friends how to keep safe when preparing food and cooking. Freddy showed great fine motor control and quickly picked up the new skill of peeling. Well done Freddy!

Izzy was chosen for working hard to write a letter in English. She included questions with question marks and expanded noun phrases. Well done Izzy!

Betty was chosen for working really hard in every lesson. She’s really applied herself in both her writing and her Maths. She’s done a fantastic job talking about and showing how to find fractions of amounts using the concrete resources. She’s also been really focussed in her writing, composing her story nicely and being able to write at length. Great job Betty – keep it up!

Isabella was chosen for really getting to grips with long division. Mrs Warner and Miss Prichard were impressed with how after going through a question, she then generated her own questions to practice on a whiteboard until she felt confident. Well done for tackling a tricky method head-on and taking ownership of your learning.

Well done everyone!