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“Shine as lights in the world;” Philippians 2:15

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Shining Light Award (05.05.23)

5 May 2023 (by admin)

This week the recipient of the Shining Light Award is Jess.

She was nominated by Sophia and Poppy.

Jess was nominated for noticing that the stack of plates in the dining hall was too high. She started to help by taking the plates to the kitchen to be washed. This meant that the other children could put their plates away. She thought of others and acted to make things better for everyone, showing great Team Trinity values.


Recognition of nominees:

Shining Light Award nominees

1st-5th May 2023


Is a shining light because…

Nominated by…


Beech Class

…she wrote pages full of work in English and did what Mr Shiles requested. Afterwards she helped me with some of my own work.

Flora and Indigo

Beech Class