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Miss Godwin (Monday – Friday)


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Non-Fiction Information texts (based on topic work) – What do you know about the life and work of Brunel? What are the key features of information texts? Can you write about Brunel and different kinds of bridges?

Fiction – Can you sequence a story? Can you discuss what has happened and what might happen next? Can you rewrite a known story in a new setting? What interesting words can you include in your writing? Can you use connectives to add detail and extend sentences e.g and?

Can you punctuate sentences correctly with capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks?)


How far can you count? Can you find the number before and the number after a given number?

Can you count in twos, threes, fives and tens?

Do you know what each number represents in a 2 or 3 digit number?
Can you choose and use the correct operation to solve a problem? Can you use number line?

Can you name and describe 2D and 3D shapes?


Science – Can you name some animal babies. Can you say three things humans need to stay alive? Can you give examples of healthy and less healthy foods. Can you use a magnifying glass?

Computing - How can you stay safe online? How do you you search for information using a computer? Can you use a mouse to move around a computer? How do you use the learnpads? Can you make a stop frame animation?


Art – Can you draw a self portrait? Can you make repeating patterns using shape, colour and texture?
DT – What do we use vehicles for? Can you name the main parts of a car, train and ship?
Music – What sounds do instruments make? Can you create sounds to accompany music? Can you learn and perform songs to an audience?


PE – Can you bounce and catch a ball? Roll hoops and quoits? Hit a ball with a bat? How can you improve your skills?
Can you make bridge shapes with your body? Can you perform a transport dance?
PSEE – How can you make our classroom a happy place? How can you be a good friend?


History –Who is Brunel and why is he famous? How has travel changed through time? Can you describe the main types of bridges? What has made Bristol important?

RE – Who is Muslim and what do they believe? What special events and holidays do you celebrate and why? The Christmas story.

Class Timetable (subject to change)

School Begins
Session 1 Maths (Yr1) / Continuous Provision (R) Maths (Yr1) / Continuous Provision (R) Maths (Yr1) / Continuous Provision (R) Maths (Yr1) / Continuous Provision (R) Guided Reading (Yr1) / Write Dance (R)
Session 3 English (Yr1) / Continuous Provision (R) English (Yr1) / Continuous Provision (R) English (Yr1) / Continuous Provision (R) English & Guided Reading (Yr1) / Continuous Provision (R) P.E (outdoors) All
Session 4 Topic R.E Circle Time Science Free flow afternoon
Break (KS1 Only)
Session 5 Topic P.E Music / Computing All about me box Art / D.T
School Ends