At the beginning of each term, each child will receive a homework mat with a range of different activities to choose from.  These will correspond with our areas of learning (as outlined on class planning mats).

Core homework (listed as ‘Weekly Wonders’ in the middle of the Homework Mat) should be continuous, taking place on a daily/weekly basis.  These are:

  • Daily reading
  • Spelling* – preparing for weekly tests
  • Times tables/Astro Challenge practice

In addition, your child should choose one piece of homework from the Homework Mat to complete each week.

(Please note that some of the Maths and English activities are compulsory and so should all be done/chosen by the end of term; children can choose freely from the remaining activities.)

Every week your child’s homework should comprise:

Their ‘Weekly Wonders’ (as above) AND

One homework activity (a total of five throughout Term 3); they may complete additional activities should they choose to.


Homework should be handed in every Tuesday along with your child’s homework book.  Homework will be marked/commented on and returned on Thursday.


Willow Class should hand in homework every Friday. Reception children have Home Learning Books containing instructions inside.



Children from all classes will receive spellings for the whole term in advance.  These will be organised into weekly lists with the test date stated for each list.  The lists will correspond to spelling patterns taught in class that week.


Willow Class spelling tests (Y1 only) will be every Friday.

Ash, Elm, Oak and Beech tests will be every Tuesday. 

To be most effective, learning spellings needs to happen both in school and at home.  The ‘Spelling Menu’ issued last term contains different strategies which can support your child in learning spellings.  Pupils should choose the strategies they find most effective and may wish to practise some of these in their homework books.