Welcome to Elm Class.

Mr Strawson (Monday to Friday)

Over the next two terms, our topic is ‘Turbulent Times’ and we will be learning about the First and Second World War.  Further information about our learning in each subject can be found on the planning mat.

General Information:
Please make sure that your child has the following in school:

  • A PE kit
  • Outdoor shoes that can be worn on the field when muddy
  • A water bottle

Children also need to bring their reading book (either one from the school library or home) and reading record into school every day.


You can now download the class HOMEWORK mat for term 4 by clicking on button below.
Please scroll down to Important Communications for class spellings for Term 4.


-We will be studying the ‘Just so Stories’ by Rudyard Kipling and writing our own myths on a similar theme.
-Linked to our topic, we will be studying a range of non-narrative texts about animals which live in the rainforest.
-Later in term 4 we will learn about the creation stories of some groups of people who live in the rainforests, and then writing our own versions.

Our whole class guided reading will focus on non narrative text features in Term 3, and on the features of myths in Term 4.


Our learning will cover the following:

Term 3
Written methods for + and - , time (including 24hr time and telling the time to the nearest minute), mental and informal written methods for x and ÷, statistics.

Term 4
Written methods for x and ÷, estimation, 3d shape, problem solving.

Why is time important to us? When do we use it in our daily lives?


How are animals adapted to their habitats? How have some species evolved over time?

Can you give clear instructions? Can you create an algorithm that a computer can read? Use your skills to make a sprite move and perform actions.


Design Technology
How does a cam mechanism work? What different types of cams are there? Can you make a rainforest mechanism that uses a cam?

Time to get creative! Can you make a 3d rainforest animal mask out of papier mache?

Can you compose your own tribal beat?


In Terms 1 & 2 we will be doing the following sports:
Year 3: Hockey, Tag rugby
Year 4: Tag rugby, netball

We will also be doing gymnastics and dance. How could you improve your skills for each sport?

In Terms 3 & 4 we will be doing the following sports:
Year 4: Tag-rugby, netball
Year 3: Hockey, Tag rugby

This term we will be looking at ‘Saying no to bullying’ and ‘Going for goals’.

How can we prevent bullying and respond to it when it occurs?

What are your strengths as a learner? What goals would you like to achieve?


Where are the world’s rainforests located and which communities live there? What is the difference between woodland and rainforest? How is ecomonic activity affecting the rainforests?

What are the key beliefs and values held by Sikhs? Which festivals are important to Sikhs?
How well do you know the Easter story? Why is this significant for Christians.

Class Timetable (Subject to Change)

School Begins
Session 1 Maths Maths Maths Maths Maths
Session 2 English English English English English
Session 3 Guided reading Guided reading Guided reading Class Service Guided reading
Session 4 Topic Computing Science PE PSHE
Break (KS1 Only)
Session 5 Topic Art/DT RE French Games
School Ends