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English Homework:

500 words!
The annual, Radio 2, 500 Words contest is upon us again! I've no doubt many of you will have been thinking about entering already.
For this week's homework, I'd like you to create your own 500 Words entry.

Reading Homework:

Try to read/listen to your child read every evening. Please sign off and record any pages read in their reading-record.

Maths Homework:

Make sure two pages of the arithmetic book are completed in time for Thursday; complete extra pages for bonus house points.


Humanities Homework:

For the next two terms we'll be studying the Ancient Egyptians. Keep the study going by taking on one of the following tasks at home:
- Create an Egyptian death mask
- Presentation on an aspect of Egyptian life that interests you
- Write a diary as though you were a person living in Ancient Egypt.


Maths Homework:
Make sure one page of the arithmetic book is completed in time for Thursday; complete extra pages for bonus house points.


Making sure your handwriting is readable is really important. We’ll be using a new school handwriting policy this year.

Diary Writing:
We live in extreme privilege and comfort here in the UK compared to many other places around the world. This term we’ll be putting our feet in the shoes of the young Adeline Yen Mah and thinking what it would be like to live in a real-life “Cinderella” story.

Newspaper reports:
Extra, extra! Howard Carter unveils the tomb of the lost Tutankamen! Later this term we’ll be going undercover to get the full scoop!


The SATs are near and it’s time to make sure we’re fully prepared. Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing some of our final year 6 skills – Algebra, Percentages and Statistics – before we start our final revision sessions, recapping everything we’ve learnt so far.

Science and Computing

Do know where electricity comes from or how it’s made? Science this term will be pretty shocking, as we look to revise our knowledge of electricity and apply our understanding to create some creative circuits.

How do computer games work? How does a simple button press animate a character, fire a laser or solve a puzzle? This term we’ll be getting our game-on as we design and create our own adventure games using Scratch, drawing inspiration from the traps and tombs of ancient Egypt.

Creative Development

How did the Egyptians create their many intricate works of art. What is a sarcophagus? How can we create one in the class?

How does the preparation of food in Ancient Egypt differ from that of today? What ingredients did the Egyptians use in their cooking and which foods are still eaten today?

Egypt has inspired a lot of interesting musical pieces and styles. This term we’ll be composing our own tunes drawing inspiration from those examples.


Children will create and perform their own Nile dance. To be perform to parents on the 9th March 3 o’clock.
PSEE – As different as many cultures may seem, we actually have a lot in common with many cultures around the world. What’s similar and different in our lives when compared to children living in Egypt and China?


Who were the Egyptians? Why was the Nile so important to this civilisation? Who was Howard Carter and why is he famous. What was life like for ordinary Egyptians? What was mummification?

What do you know about the Easter story? Why do Christians celebrate Easter? Why is Good Friday called Good Friday?

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Class Timetable (subject to change)

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