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English - Reading comprehension activity

Y2 - Punctuation and grammar worksheet.

Please read regularly with your child and comment in the reading record.

One side of maths booklet


Y2 Sats practice papers for maths and reading.
To be returned by Monday 24th April.

Y1 Spellings and sentence work.
1 side of maths booklet for Y1 only.


Non-Fiction (Dictionaries and Glossaries, Information texts) – Can you order words alphabetically? Can you find a word in the dictionary? What are glossaries? What are the key features of information texts? Can you write about Samuel Pepys, The Great Fire of London and places to visit in London?

Fiction (Traditional Tales) – What are the features of Traditional tales? Can you write a character profile? Can you rewrite a known story in a new setting? What noun phrases and interesting words can you include in your writing? Can you use powerful past tense verbs, and connectives to add detail and extend sentences? Can you punctuate sentences correctly with capital letters and full stops or use other punctuation?


Can you count in twos, threes, fives and tens? Can you find missing numbers in sequences? Do you understand multiplication and division? Can you find simple fractions (1/2 ⅓ ¼) of shapes and numbers of objects?

Can you solve, addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problems? What are the key vocabulary to look for?

Can you tell the time to the nearest five minutes? Can you make quarter, half and three- quarter turns clockwise and anti-clockwise?

Science & Computing

Can you name and describe common everyday materials? Can you say why a material may or may not be suitable for a particular purpose eg why is a window made from glass? What is the best material to wrap a parcel?

Can you give instructions to a Beebot to make it follow a route? Can you make your own story mat and programme a “London bus Beebot” to explore the landmarks of London?

Creative Development

Art – Can you make careful observations? What features and patterns can you see on buildings? Can you make a clay tile Tudor house?
DT – What materials are houses built of? How can you make furniture stonger and more stable? Can you build a”shoebox” room?
Music – What sounds do instruments make? Can you represent sounds and sequences of sounds using symbols?


PE – Can explore London through dance? Have you ever visited a museum – how would a dinosaur move?

PSEE – How do you learn? How could you improve your learning? What achievements are you proud of? How can you help others to feel proud?


History – How did the Great Fire of London start? Why couldn’t they put out the fire? Who was Samuel Pepys and why was he so important? How can you find out about the past?

RE – Why do Christians celebrate Easter? Do you know the main parts of the Easter story?

Class Timetable (subject to change)

School Begins
Session 1 Maths Maths Maths Maths RE/PSEE/Activities
Session 2 Phonics & English Phonics & English Phonics & English Phonics & English Maths
Session 3 Topic Handwriting/Reading Topic PE Computing
Break (KS1 Only)
Session 4 Topic PE Topic Music/Show & Tell Computing
School Ends