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Learn a poem - The Chinese Dragon by Catherine Benson

Please read regularly with your child and comment in the reading record.

Please aim to complete math workbooks by the end of term.


Non-Fiction – What are the features of an information text? Can you write about pandas from China? What technical words would you include? Can you start your sentences in different ways and use connectives to give more detail?
Fiction – We will be looking at stories linked to China and we will be writing our own versions of these.
Poetry – Do you know any humorus rhymes and riddles? Can you write a riddle?

How could you help at home? Do you have any Chinese story books at home? Do you know any humourous poems?


Can you find the correct money to pay for items in a shop? Can you give change?
Can you choose and use the correct operation to solve a problem? What are the key vocabulary to look for? What calculation strategies will you use?
Can you estimate and measure capacity? Can you read a scale accurately? Can you answer questions involving measures?
Can you find a half, a quarter or a third of a number of objects?

How could you help at home? Learn your number bonds and times tables. Measure things (capacity, length, weight). Buy an item in a shop and find the correct money to pay.

Science & Computing

Science Plants – Can you identify plants and trees in our local environment? Do you know what evergreen and deciduous trees are? Can you name the main parts of a plant? What do plants need to grow and stay healthy? How much does a bean plant grow in a week? Where do seeds come from?
Computing Minibeast data handling – Can you use ICT to display data in different ways? Can you sort and classify things?

How could you help at home? Encourage your children to be involved with the gardening. Go on nature walks and identify plants and trees.

Creative Development

Art – What do you know about art and crafts from China? Can you make a Chinese style purse, paint willow pattern pictures and make paper fans? DT – Can you make and taste Chinese food? Can you design and make a dragon puppet? Music – Can you play instruments to accompany music?

How could you help at home? Do you have any willow pattern china? Can you find out about the willow pattern story?


PE – Can you bounce and catch a ball? Roll hoops and quoits? Hit a ball with a bat? How can you improve your skills? Can you take part in the sports day events? Can you work in a team?
PSHE – In what ways have you changed since you were born? What will change and what will stay the same this year?

How could you help at home. Practice catching and throwing. Look at your baby photos and talk about ways you have changed.


Can you find China in an atlas? Do you know the capital city and main rivers of china? Can you draw the flag of China? What do you know about their culture and traditions? What animal is China famous for? What important crops do they grow? What type of food do they eat? What is the main religion in China? Who is Buddha?

How can you help at home? Research China at home. Find things in the home that are made in China. Visit a Chinese restaurant or supermarket.

Class Timetable (subject to change)

School Begins
Session 1 Maths Maths Maths Maths RE/PSEE/Activities
Session 2 Phonics & English Phonics & English Phonics & English Phonics & English Maths
Session 3 Topic Handwriting/Reading Topic PE Computing
Break (KS1 Only)
Session 4 Topic PE Topic Music/Show & Tell Computing
School Ends