With this academic year, nearly at its end, we will sadly soon be saying a final farewell to our year 6s. It has been a truly wonderful year working with them all – and, as a final treat to round off the year, we took year 6 to “Cattle Country”, in Berkeley.

The trip was a real success, with many of the children braving things that they probably never would have attempted otherwise. There was much rejoicing from: the conquering of fears, to face a 40ft climbing net; or taking the plunge down a “death-slide”. With so much on offer, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Thankfully, we managed to stave off the rain, whilst we were there, allowing the children to enjoy nearly all the attractions on offer at the site. However, upon our return, the children did enjoy causing a “shower” of their own (though I’m not sure the word “enjoy” really applies to the rest of us).